The Last Of Us Multiplayer Will Be “Most Ambitious” Naughty Dog Game

Speaking to ComicBook Gaming and posted on TikTok, The Last of Us creator and Naughty Dog co-president Neil Druckmann has confirmed that the upcoming The Last of Us multiplayer project will be “the most ambitious project we’ve ever done.” He has also confirmed that the project has been in the works since before even The Last of Us Part II shipped back in June 2020.

Originally planned to be a part of The Last of Us Part IIthe multiplayer mode will be a standalone game set in The Last of Us universe. Despite being an online game, Druckmann shared that the project will “expand the world even further” and continue to “tell a story.” Concept art for the game presents a world as apocalyptic as we’d expect from the series, with survivors exploring the ruined world and ready for a fight, from a city center to a wrecked cruise ship.

The Last of Us multiplayer ruined cruise ship
The world of The Last of Us’ multiplayer game is certainly a familiar one.

This year marks the tenth anniversary of The Last of Us, with Druckmann promising “new details” on the multiplayer game later on in the year, as well as “more on the future of the franchise.” The plot and story for a third The Last of Us game is said to already be finished, but the game has not yet entered a confirmed development. In the discussion with ComicBook Gaming, Druckmann does tease that Naught Dog has a new game in the works after The Last of Us multiplayer, but shared no other information.

Even outside of video games, it’s a big year anniversary year for The Last of Us which has its HBO series premiere this Sunday. Early reviews for the series have been very positive, calling it an “all-time great” adaptation. From the looks of the trailers we’ve had so far, it certainly seems faithful to the games.

Are you looking forward to the multiplayer The Last of Us game? Do you want a third entry in the main series? Let us know in the comments below, and keep your eyes on GameLuster for more gaming news.

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